Each batch of beer yields about 72 - 22oz bottles ( 6 Cases of beer ).  Most people use the 22oz bottle.  A batch costs between $185 and $245, depending on the recipe you pick. Bring in a friend or two and split a batch.

Bottle Caps are Included.

Bottles are not included. The first time you come in, you will need to purchase reusable bottles from us or bring in your own. We will rinse and sanitize them when you come in to bottle. This machine is not a bottle washer. The bottles that go in must be clean. Clean them the best you can by rinsing each bottle after use in warm water a few times and place them back in the case upside down. When you return to brew another batch, we will rinse and sanitize them for your next batch. You are responsible for cleaning your own bottles.

We do carry and sell bottles in our store.                                                                                                                                       Bottles cost $10.75 per case.  ( 12 - 22oz )