Red Zone ESB

This Extra Special Bitter has a deep amber color and an aroma that blends fruity hops and toasted malt.  It can be compared to Red Hook ESB. 

5.2% Alcohol by volume                                                         A13

Redd Foxx Apple Ale

This beer is crisp like an apple and brewed like an ale.  It is NOT a cider, it's a golden ale with hints of red apple. 

5 % Alcohol by volume                                                          A16


Flat Tire Amber Ale


This is a Belgian style ale with great color and big body, similar to Fat Tire Amber Ale.  

5.2% Alcohol by volume                                                          A18

London Calling ESB

A pale amber ale that is somewhat bitter with a distinct fruity, hoppy finish.  

4.8% Alcohol by volume                                                        A20

Mulligan Ale

A dark amber ale with a well defined hop character and a nice floral aroma.  This ale is similar to the Sierra Nevada Celebration. 

5.4% Alcohol by volume                                                           A21

Saison Farmhouse Ale

This Belgian Saison ale is semi-dry, refreshing and bubbly.  It has earthy and peppery notes with a slight fruit flavor.  

5.4% Alcohol by volume                                                          A22

Tommy D's Sweet Summer Blonde

A great blonde ale that you can enjoy all year.  Great for BBQ's or get togethers that last all day.  Can't go wrong bringing this beer to a party!

4.5% Alcohol by volume                                                         A24

Across the Pond Winter Ale

This brew has a light amber color, a nice malty and nutty flavor that is balanced by spicy hops.  It is similar to Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome. 

6% Alcohol by volume                                                                 A26

Smashing Pumpkin Ale

This seasonal treat is a malty sweet ale, lightly spiced with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.  

5.6% Alcohol by volume                                                           A27

Six Feet Under Ale

A malty, rich ale with just a hint of creaminess.  The right recipe for coming back from the dead.   Similar to Rogue's Dead Guy Ale.

7.8% Alcohol by volume                                                           A28


Pumpkin Pigskin Ale

Pumpkin Ales are now an autumn tradition. This recipe has subtle pumpkin flavors, moderate spiciness, good body and a respectable alcohol level.


Sami’s German Kölsch

Many Americans haven’t heard of Kölsch style ales. Kölsch beer is the lightest of the ales. It is sometimes confused with a lager, yet it is wonderfully complex.

Watermelon  German  Kölsch    

Kölsch beer is the lightest of the ales. Sometimes confused with a lager, yet it's wonderfully complex.  Adding watermelon to this nice smooth beer makes it a great summer time thirst quencher.


Cloud 9 Cream Ale

This  American Cream Ale  is light and refreshing.  It uses both Ale and Lager yeast to create a really smooth drinking brew. 


Big Blue Blueberry Ale

Kölsch is the lightest of the ales, yet it is wonderfully complex. Adding blueberry to this nice smooth beer makes it a great autumn thirst quencher!


Gnarley Barley Wine


A real strong brew for the beer drinker who appreciates everything; more hops, more malt, more alcohol, more flavor.  Barley Wine has a quality many people compare to Brandy or Cognac. 

8% Alcohol by volume                                                                 A36


Summer Lovin’ Ale

Summer Lovin’ Ale is an American Wheat Ale. This summer seasonal uses malted wheat, lemon zest and Grains of Paradise. It has a crisp taste, spicy flavor and medium body. A clean finishing beer perfect for those warm summer days. Similar to Samuel Adams Summer Ale.

5.2% Alcohol by volume A40