Pale Ale

Sierra North West Pale Ale

This Pale Ale can be compared to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. 

5.4% Alcohol by volume                                                                  PA13

Pizza Pale Ale

This smooth light pale ale goes well with anything! Enjoy!

5.2% Alcohol by volume                                                                   PA14

Dr. Jim's Pale Ale

The perfect prescription to a great pale ale that is sure to please all palates. This pale ale is not too heavy and not too light. Provides great taste without filling you up.   Similar to Newburyport Pale Ale.


Royal Pale Ale

This brew sports a light pale color and has a nice dry finish, which makes for easy drinking. It is comparable to Bass Ale.

5.2% Alcohol by volume                                                                 PA18

TLC Citrus IPA 

An India pale ale with mild citrus flavors. A perfect balance of hops that's not too heavy but plenty of taste.

5.4% Alcohol by volume                                                                     PA21               

Wicked Pissah Summer Brew

No need for a lemon wedge here... This beer comes pre-spiked with a good dose of lemon!  A great American pale ale summer beer with a little extra kick.  Similar to Pete's Wicked Summer Brew.

4.7% Alcohol by volume                                                                      PA24

Iron Town Pale Ale

A highly hopped pale ale, dry and aromatic. Brewed with four different hops that deliver a blast of aromas.  This brew is similar to Dale's Pale Ale.

6.4% Alcohol by volume                                                                  PA30


Crowkey Black IPA

An emerging beer style roughly defined as a beer with IPA-level hopping. This brew has relatively high alcohol content and a distinct toasty dark malt character. Also known as India Black Ale.

7.6% Alcohol by volume PA35

Heady Bubba

This is our version of the great beer from Vermont.  It's not exact, but it has become our #1 selling recipe.  IPA fans can't go wrong with this one!  This brew is similar to Heady Topper. 


Haze  Craze  NE-IPA

This juicy, hazy New England IPA has an insane amount of bursting hop flavors and aromas.  Using specific yeast procedures and adjuncts results in a hazy beer that smells, tastes and feels like a cup of juice!

6.2% Alcohol by volume                                                                 PA37

The Back Road NE IPA

A New England style IPA.  This brew is golden pale in color and explodes with juicy tropical flavors from hops with a low bitterness, as well as hops with great flavors and aroma. 

5.4% Alcohol by volume                                                                      PA38

Liquid Lunch of Sunshine

Intense hop flavors with aromas of tropical and citrus fruits and pine dominate. This brew also has a subtle malt sweetness that brings the beer into balance. Similar to Maine Beer Co.'s Lunch.


Old Piney Double IPA

Hops! Hops! Hops!  There are so many hops in this recipe, it makes the Energizer Bunny excited!  This high alcohol level beer has a great flavor and perfect aroma.  Definitely enjoy this brew FRESH! 

8.8% Alcohol by volume                                                                     PA47


Brigands IPA

Light and perfectly balanced with a big citrus hop flavor.  This is a delicious beer and easy to drink. Similar to Ballast Point Brewing's Sculpin IPA. 

6.6% Alcohol by volume                                                                        PA43


AA’S  Ithaca  Flower

Tons of spicy Amarillo and Blanc hops create this brew's finish and truly makes it what it is, an intensely hoppy beer with lots of flavor.  It is similar to Ithaca Brewing's Flower Power.

6.9% Alcohol by volume                                                                            PA44


The Boston Stone

This beer deftly showcases loads of hops without killing the gentle, malty background.  Similar to Stone's Ruination.

7.8% Alcohol by volume                                                                          PA48