A brewing session at BREW ZONE involves two separate appointments. First is brewing the beer, which is about a two hour process. Second is bottling the beer, about a one hour process.

Prior to your first session, you will select a recipe. There is a list on our web site of our recipes or you could bring in one of your own. If you are unsure of the one you want to brew, ask us and we will gladly point you in the right direction based on your likes and dislikes.

Once you have selected the recipe, you will be assigned a brewing kettle. Now it's time to gather the ingredients ( specialty grains - hops - malt extract - yeast ). We will show you how to weigh and prepare the ingredients for the boil.

Next you will begin to make your beer with the instruction by the staff on when and how to add your ingredients. Ingredients will be added specific to each recipe. Timing is everything in order to get that perfect and consistent brew. Once the ingredients are added, the liquid is called wort.

When the wort has finished its boil, it will be cooled as it get emptied into the fermenter.

At this point, the yeast will be added to the wort. Your job is done for now. We will store your beer in our temperature controlled cooler where the yeast will do it's job. Fermentation takes about two weeks.

In about two weeks you will return to bottle your beer. You will also have the opportunity to label your bottles if you wish. Then we will instruct you on how to use the bottle filler and the capper.