Cerveza Buena

The Cerveza Buena has a nice light body and a crisp clean taste.  A great south of the border recipe, similar to Corona. 

4.5% Alcohol by volume                                                                 L11

Have a Harp

This traditional Irish lager has mild malt and caramel flavors. It is slightly bitter up front but has a smooth aftertaste.  It is comparable to Harp.

5% Alcohol by volume                                                                    L13

Golden Boy

This is a unique blend of ale and lager. It delivers the spicy, fruit flavors of an ale combined with the clean, crisp, refreshing qualities of a lager.  The Golden Boy lager is similar to Molson Golden                                                


Oktoberfest New England

This seasonal amber lager served for autumn celebrations is moderately bitter and has a malty base with a clean finish, similar to Schell's Octoberfest.

5.2% Alcohol by volume                                                   L16


Oktoberfest Biergarten

The original Oktoberfest Bier! This is a perfect balance between color, aroma and flavor. This refreshing brew has a deep amber hue with great malt sweetness. Despite being associated with the fall beers, this is great all year long.


Two if by Sea Boston Lager

Boston lager is very popular.  It offers a little extra flavor without getting too heavy or too dark.  Great for first time brewers!  Similar to Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

4.9% Alcohol by volume                                                  L18


Beechwood Lager

This light, thirst quenching beer is great right after a hard day's work.  It is similar to Budweiser.

5% Alcohol by volume                                                          L20

Cape Cod Summer Shandy

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy is one of the most popular shandy beers available.  This is our version of that great summer beer/lemonade.  Get out on your back deck or patio and enjoy a cold one! 

4.4% Alcohol by volume                                                      L24

Nor'easter Winter Brew

This spiced brew has hints of cinnamon and orange.  Perfect for the holidays!  This lager is akin to Samuel Adams Winter Lager.    

5.5% Alcohol by volume                                                      L26

Millennium Falcon IPL

This IPL is super easy to drink, with a neutral finish that invites another sip as soon as you put it down. With more hops than your average Lager, the smooth mouth feel and balanced flavors make this a beer you could serve to almost anyone.

5.4% Alcohol by volume                                                        L29

The Helles with Lemon

The Helles with Lemon is a Bavarian Radler, a 50/50 mix of a Bavarian Helles and some sort of lemonade. Similar to Samuel Adams Porch Rocker

4.5% Alcohol by volume L31